Google to prioritise secure and mobile-friendly websites

SSLGoogle have recently announced that they will give preference to more secure websites as well as sites that offer mobile-compatible versions in their search rankings.

Priority in the rankings will go to sites that use encryption via an SSL certificate, making them less vulnerable to hacking.

Encryption is used to digitally scramble data as it passes between a user's device and an online service in order to prevent others eavesdropping on the information.

Until now, mainly e-commerce sites have used SSL encryption, enabling them to display a little padlock and use a web address beginning HTTPS. The "S" stands for secure.

If you would like to purchase an SSL certificate (starting at £75/year for each domain) for your website, please contact us.

With more than half of all web traffic now from mobile devices, please also get in touch to discuss making your website more mobile-friendly, including through the use of "responsive design" which enables sites to gracefully adapt from full desktop down to mobile size.