Avec Photo - Helping your organisation survive the tough times

A few weeks ago I was on a photographic assignment at a CO3 event and was chatting afterwards with the CEO of a high profile third sector organisation. We were discussing the cut backs in public funding and the fact that many organisations in the sector need to urgently find alternative, or at least supplemental sources of income. If not, they may cease to exist.

Of course it is at this time of financial hardship that our society is in even greater need of the many essential services the third sector provides.

How can the sector continue to reach the community’s increasing needs, if it can no longer afford to provide essential, life changing programmes and the staff to deliver them?

The skilful filling-in of funding applications – knowing which boxes to tick and how to steer your organisations profile to chase the funding – is no longer enough. Those who have money to support the work of the sector are now casting a critical eye on results. Now more than ever, third sector organisations need to be able to visibly demonstrate their organisations work in action and the results it achieves.

Many of Avec Photo’s clients are voluntary organisations who have already learnt the value of top quality PR photography in demonstrating and promoting the work they do.

Through highly visual fundraising campaigns which capture the vital role they play within the community, they have achieved sustainability and touched the heart of the public and the conscience of the private sector.

Avec Photo is the first social economy photography service in Northern Ireland. It is part of Avec Solutions which is owned by East Belfast Partnership. After ten years of service, Avec knows the sector and the sector knows Avec.

Having already gained a relationship of trust among our clients providing IT and Website support, many are now looking to us to provide the professional photography services which are becoming more and more important in both demonstrating and effectively documenting their work.

Why not give us a call and discover how our Avec Photo’s services can provide the solutions you need to survive in tough times.