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Google Apps for Nonprofits Now Available in Northern Ireland

As of the end of June, Google are now offering the free "Google Apps for Nonprofits" cloud computing suite to qualified charities in Northern Ireland. As Google Resellers primarily supplying not-for-profit organisations, we at Avec have been lobbying Google for years to extend this offering to Northern Ireland, and we are delighted that they have at long last done so. Google Apps for Nonprofits provides all the same benefits and features as the "for Work" or business package which costs £35/year per user.

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Google to prioritise secure and mobile-friendly websites

Google have recently announced that they will give preference to more secure websites as well as sites that offer mobile-compatible versions in their search rankings. Priority in the rankings will go to sites that use encryption via an SSL certificate, making them less vulnerable to hacking.

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Is it time for a mobile app?

A thumbnail guide to building your organisation’s mobile presence... In IT as in fashion, the latest trends dominate discourse. Hardly a week passes now that I’m not asked by at least one client, ‘Should I have a mobile app?’ Of course, if the question really is, ‘Should I have a mobile communications and engagement strategy?’, the answer is an unqualified yes. These days, you can be sure that half or more of your constituency or client base will want to access information from you using a mobile device, whether a smartphone or a tablet.

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