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Is it time for a mobile app?

A thumbnail guide to building your organisation’s mobile presence... In IT as in fashion, the latest trends dominate discourse. Hardly a week passes now that I’m not asked by at least one client, ‘Should I have a mobile app?’ Of course, if the question really is, ‘Should I have a mobile communications and engagement strategy?’, the answer is an unqualified yes. These days, you can be sure that half or more of your constituency or client base will want to access information from you using a mobile device, whether a smartphone or a tablet.

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Backing up Google Apps

Moving your organisation email, calendars and shared files to the cloud greatly increases organisational productivity and communication, and we have now supported dozens of organisations migrating to the Google Apps platform. Whilst this data is all securely backed up, the cloud won't protect you against such things as user error or mischief — the deletion of a folder of files in Google Drive, for example.

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Avec sponsors Belfast Healthy Cities Awards

Avec was delighted to sponsor the recent 25th Anniversary Awards of Belfast Healthy Cities.

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